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Annuities: Guarantees, Lifetime Income, Protecting Your Nest Egg

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What is an Annuity?
An annuity is an investment vehicle that allows your funds to grow with a tax deferred status. They are considered Fixed, Variable, Indexed or some combination thereof. Fixed Annuities have a stated interest rate that either never varies or changes during the length of the contract, but has a guaranteed minimum. Variable Annuities have some sort of sub-accounts that are similar in options you would have in mutual funds. Indexed Annuities have one or more sub-accounts that allow you take advantage of the growth of the Index accounts, but not lose when the Index accounts moves backwards.

Don't Annuities lock me into a long term contract?
Most annuities have a contract length of between 3 and 12 years. They are not a short term investment, but can be a medium or long term investment. In most annuities you have the ability to withdraw up to 10% of the account value at the end of each year without any surrender penalties. Some allow you to withdraw more for each year that you do not withdraw any funds. Funds are Tax Deferred!

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What does "Tax Deferred" mean?
Annuities are about the only investment vehicle that lets you earn money on the governments money. In a CD (Certificate of Deposit) you pay income taxes on at the end of the contract period, usually one year. In an annuity all of the money stays in your account, even the percentage of taxes you would have paid in a CD. You then earn that much more the following year growing your nest egg with the governments help. Of course, at some point when the funds are taken out, then you will have to pay taxes. But your funds grow faster than in a CD, savings or checking account.

There are so many companies offering Annuities, which one should I choose?
This is an excellent question. Because annuities are a longer term investment (3+ years), you do not want to make the wrong choice. Beware of insurance companies or agents that only have one annuity to offer you. The Premier Solutions Group works with you to find out your individual goals. Only after we know what you want, then and only then we look at multiple companies with multiple annuity offerings to find the policy or policies that are right for you and your family. Let us help you realize your long term goals, contact us today!

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