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Estate Trusts

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Used with Medicaid Planning & Pre-Paying your funeral in advance.

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What is an Estate Trust?
An Estate Trust is a single play Life Insurance Policy that is wrapped around by a trust.

Why do I need a Estate Trust?
Many of our clients had put aside funds to pass along as a legacy to their children, grandchildren, charity or church. However, as mentioned on our Irrevocable Funeral Trust page, if there is a nursing home or Medicaid event, those funds will have to be used to pay for medical costs. This will take away your legacy gift from your loved ones. By putting aside funds from $500 to $50,000 you can usually protect those funds and make sure they go to the person(s) or organization that you want. The Medicaid look back of 5 years or 60 months does apply. But once that time has passed, you can rest assured that those funds will be protected and passed along in the manner in which you want.

An example: A couple had set aside $25,000 in CDs for each of their 4 grandchildren as a legacy gift. It was stated in their Will that the funds would be given to the grandchildren when they passed. When they found out about the Estate Trust, they moved the funds into two ETs, one in each of their names, for $50,000 each with their grandchildren as the beneficiaries. Six years later one of them had a nursing home and Medicaid event.

A year later that person passed away and the funds were sent to the grandchildren. The ET allowed them to protect that $100,000.


Note: Each state has its own rules and regulations. Make sure you contact us or your own legal advisor for state specific rules. These trusts are available in some form in every state except for Maine, New York and Vermont.

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