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Radio Show

Listen to our radio show on Many of these topics on our
Radio Show Page.

PSG Seminar Series

Contact us to set up an individual assessment and for plans that fit your budget and needs.


We provide free seminars to many groups around Ohio! See the list below, but we can also create a custom seminar based on your needs.

Radio Show

Listen to our radio show on Many of these topics on our
Radio Show Page.


Some of the topics we discuss in our seminar presentations:

1. The “Forgotten Benefit"
A benefit that is for veterans, spouses and widows of veterans that can help pay for care in the event of a homebound or facility bound health needs event.

2. Long Term Care
Helping families understand the importance of pre-planning for post hospital confinement and bringing to light the realities of family burden and how to preserve independence in their retirement years.

3. Funeral Trusts and Tribute Direct
An Irrevocable Funeral Trust is a life insurance vehicle that is protected from Medicaid and nursing homes. This gives family members peace of mind knowing that money will be available for final expenses in the event of a financial downturn.

4. How you can have free life insurance
Little known secrets of the insurance world.

5. Estate planning for Today’s Real World
An attorney sponsored seminar covering most of the pitfalls and remedies related to retirement planning or the results of not planning.

6. It’s your money!
A presentation to show seniors alternatives to risky market investment. We show how to protect your nest egg, and income, with guaranteed returns.

7. Medicare and You!
A presentation to help clarify the confusion surrounding Medicare and the gaps in protection and how to understand your choices when making a decision that could affect your health care coverage.

8. Turning 65!
Need we say more?

Daniel Bassani and Michael Whitaker have dedicated their careers and their company Premier Solutions Group to addressing the unique needs of seniors and retirees. Too often they have met with seniors who have been frustrated that their individual professionals from legal advisors, accountants and investment advisors use a blanket approach in guiding their clients. Premier Solutions Group feels that every client is unique and requires an individual approach to address their needs and goals.

We want to make it clear that Dan and Mike have extensive experience on issues facing seniors. They are not accountants, attorneys, or investment advisors. The information discussed on our website, in seminars, and on our radio show is basic and general in nature and is intended for educational purposes only. No specific product or companies are being solicited.

The presentation concerns insurance stratagies to protect your assets and money which concern many retirees. It is recommended that you always consult the advice of certified and licensed professionals regarding your specific situation.

Please understand that laws and regulations are subject to local variations and may have different interpretations. Should legal advice be required, it is recommended that you seek the advice of a qualified attorney in your state of residence. No specific investment advice is ever intended. Financial products can vary, therefore, always examine the detail of the product structure, provisions and features.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires that only registered representatives licensed with a broker dealer license can sell specific securities and provide investment advice. Any discussions regarding interest rates and rates of return are purely hypothetical and not intended to represent assurances or guarantees. Our speakers do not give tax advice. The presenters, speakers and/or sponsors of this information (invitation), as well as the information presented at the seminar, website or radio shows, is not related to, endorsed by, nor connected with and not approved by any Government Agency or organization.

Although the seminar is providing information of value for consumers, the seminar is designed to educate and solicit consumers about annuities, and insurance products. Both Dan and Mike are independent agents, representing and contracted with numerous companies. From time to time various guest speakers will present information during a seminar. Those individuals, other than Dan and Mike, may hold other certifications and licenses.

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