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An Introduction to our company. Who we are: Michael A. Whitaker & Daniel A. Bassani.
Our show is the Protecting Your Future show. We talk today about who we are and what we do as Insurance Professionals. Helping individuals protect their assets, find Life Insurance and Long Term care coverage as Independent Agents that represent over 130 companies. We hold licenses in over 10 states and have spoken at the national level all over the country in front of thousands of people looking to Protect Their Future Today!

Fraud, How To Protect Yourself - Are you aware of all the different ways that fraud can affect you and your loved ones? We go over many of the schemes that can cost you time, money and years of stress. Don't loose your nest egg to fraud. Listen in and arm yourself for the battle ahead.

Medicare 101 - Are you confused, are you getting tons of mail about Medicare? There are a lot of companies out there that offer Medicare Health plans. We represent almost all of them! Learn the costs and benefits of Medicare and why you need extra protection for costs that Medicare does not cover. If you are Turning 65 in the next year OR if you are retiring and losing group coverage, this is a must listen show.

Life Insurance 101 - Whole Life, Universal Life, Term Life. What type of policy(s) do you have, when was the last time you looked at your policies to make sure they are what you want now. Have your goals changed? How you can protect your future today!

Radio Show

Listen to our radio show on many topics. Click on the topic on the right to hear our insights and educational lessons.

No selling, just information!

Using Life Insurance to Finance Your Dreams - Teaching you ways to provide Tax Free Retirement Income and Legacy Planning. These are secrets that the Rich and Very Rich have used for decades! If you are looking for one of our best shows, with life changing information this is it. New information in a new format based on our June 8th show.

Annuities, The Mystery Unveiled: Part 1 - Are annuities right for you? This first part goes over annuity basics, key terms. You CAN do better than a CD! Learn the terms used when discussing Annuities and what those terms mean. Differences between Fixed, Indexed and Variable Annuities. Riders that give added benefits to the base annuity.

Annuities, The Mystery Unveiled: Part 2 - Are annuities right for you? Ok lets get into some extra benefits, more in-depth terms. But understand that Annuities are still simple investment plants with guarantees. We talk about riders and added benefits in the NEW annuities.

Annuities, They Mystery Unveiled: Part 3 - A Guest Speaker: Chad Buchannon, National Recognized expert on annuities talks about how they can protect your assets for retirement. Detailed explanations on how annuities work.

Funeral Trusts & Medicaid - Protecting funds from Medicaid Spend Down. Did you know that Medicaid has a Five (5) Year look back? If you improperly transfer funds to someone in order to qualify you will be penalized. Even your Life Insurance may be at risk. The use of Funeral Trusts can help protect burial assets for yourself and your loved ones.

Medicaid & Assets with Elder Law Attorney: Jim Koewler - Jim is also a VA Accredited attorney! Listen as Jim explains the process from finding out you need Long Term Care, and how you could lose most of your assets, but then how to protect them. Are you in crisis planning or being proactive and planning for what-if? Either way, this show is for you.

Long Term Care "Explained" - The Differences between Short Term Care, LTC, Skilled Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Home Care, Insurance Policies to cover these events and how they work. Examples are given of LTC events with associated events, plus the costs of some policies to pay for your STC or LTC. Finally how to get FREE Long Term Care Benefits!

Changing How You Think About Your Future - If you could know when you would have the biggest loss to your nest egg, would you want to know? Listen in and we can tell you just when that will happen!

Stop Small Setback Before They Get Big - . There are many small insurance policies that will protect your future including Dental, Vision, Emergency Transportation, Indemnity Plans and more. See how choosing some simple policies can protect your assets one small step at a time, because the small hiccups can get big in a hurry.

401K Plans Explained - Are these really the vehicles you should have to grow your nest egg and to protect the funds you already have. Is your company matching funds? Many are not anymore! If you have one in place, should you move it? Have you retired and are scared to even look at your 401K plan because it might have lost money? What is your risk tolerance? Deferred growth is great, but... Can your double your money in 10 years or less? We help our clients do this all the time, listen to this very important show!

Retirement Benefits - With Nicole Brewer, ChFEBC(sm). How to maximize your State Retirement Fund and look forward to a happy retirement. Do you or did you work for the government? If so, your benefits and options are very different from the private sector. Learn about options and how you can use a professional that has the knowledge to help you as you approach retirement and beyond.

Choice NOT Chance, Teaching Financial Literacy - Lessons we should teach our children. But its not too late for you too! Simple yet powerful ideas and concepts to improve your life and retirement.

Stop Earning only 1% - Do you have money in a CD??? Do you realize that it takes over 200 Years to double your money in a CD with the current rates? Ask yourself, is the Bank working for you or themselves? Call us at 440-915-5570 for a opportunity to have a FREE BOOK about retirement planning by renowned author Patrick Kelly!

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